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by AC&C HSH Group

Platform(s): Win
License: Commercial

Application type: Desktop
Prepress, Print & PDF/X
Editing & Management
Color & Imposition


PDFPlace-It provides the tools that aid job placement on large imagesetters or inkjets. Using PDF Place-It, allows you to expose two different jobs side-by-side on a wide capstan imagesetter, easily change the job orientation, trim too-large margins to fit the job into media, perform step-and-repeat and many other functions typical for an imagesetting studio. This tool supports PDF, PJTF (Adobe Portable Job Ticket) and image files including (TIFF JPEG and ScitexCT formats). Similar to PDF Organizer, PDFPlace-It natively imposes jobs and creates the output flat as PDF or PJTF file.

This program can be used as a stand-alone software or together with our OPI server Merge-It and the PDF Organizer imposition program.

Main features:

  • Unlimited number of jobs may be placed. Each job may contain one or more document pages of the same size collected from various documents or repeated any number of times. Pages can be scaled, rotated or trimmed before placement.
  • Support for various output media size. The output flats can be tiled or scaled for a proofing device.
  • Preview feature. Imposed jobs can be instantly previewed. The program uses Adobe® Acrobat Reader™ or Adobe® Acrobat Exchange™ to render the preview using ActiveX or OLE automation technique. When used with Adobe Acrobat Exchange the preview option allows you to measure, zoom and pane previewed objects. Additional placement tools - rulers, grid and guidelines to help in job placement on output media.
  • Imposition layout from PDF Organizer or personalization layout from PDF Personalizer can be imported to PDF Place-It as a PJTF file. The imposition or personalization is then generated when creating the final flat.
  • Supports OPI comments embedded in PDF documents. When used with Merge-It OPI server, this feature significantly reduces the output time and size of the final PDF file.

Additional features:

  • The PDFPlace-It program allows you to add additional crop marks and caption marks around pages in selected jobs.
  • The output flat can be saved as PDF or PJTF (Adobe Portable Job Ticket) for in-RIP imposition with Adobe Extreme RIP.
  • The program allows you to define the trapping styles and zones to be used with in-RIP trapping.
  • With PDF Place-It you can embed the ICC profiles for in-RIP color management.

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