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by Callas Software

Platform(s): Win Mac
License: Commercial

Application type: Plug-in
Prepress, Print & PDF/X
Editing & Management


callas software proudly annouces the third public beta version of pdfInspektor2 introducing a new generation of PDF preflight technology to the market. The latest beta includes PDF/X-3 support, and is available with or without ICC profiles.

While even the tiniest detail of a PDF page will be covered by the pdfInspektor2 analysis, prefabricated preflight profile templates let you start right after the 2 minute install process of pdfInspektor2. At the same time you are not locked into these templates, but have limitless options to customize your preflight profiles and precisely meet specific production requirements. Moreover, a completely new approach on how to visualize and communicate information generated by pdfInspektor2 is offered, focusing on intuitive and transparant handling.

Control IS better

pdfInspektor2 analyses your PDF files far beyond the point of finding conditions in the files that may cause problems in the production process. More than 400 criteria take into account every characteristic of a PDF file, including document information. Unsurpassed configurability offer the user complex preflight rules to meet very specific requirements for preflighting. At the same time, an extensive selection of predefined preflight profile templates, addressing most day to day needs, are provided together with the software.

Unrivaled navigation and visualisation

Three different views on problems! An unprecedented highlight of pdfInspektor2 is the visualisation of its findings. While a conventional preflight report with detailed problem descriptions is still available, the Snap function revolutionizes the way you deal with problematic elements on PDF pages. pdfInspektor2 isolates element by element and displays it in its element inspection window. No matter if that one character has the wrong font or that one line happens to knockout where it shouldn't pdfInspektor2 will put it right in front of the user’s eyes.

Beyond this interactive visual culprit detector the additional Breakout function creates a report where every page displays one non-wellbehaved element together with a succinct description of what is wrong with it.

As preflight profiles are XML coded, the report generated by pdfInspektor2 is available in XML as well and thus automated analysis of error reports.

Automation flexible and extensible

Once throughput reaches dimensions where manual operation becomes cost prohibitive, pdfInspektor2 Auto Edition in conjunction with callas software's AutoPilot will put sophisticated and flexible automation at your fingertips. And this is NOT limited to the automation of your preflighting! Setting up an automated preflight workflow with AutoPilot means that the user can easily extend this to other tasks in the workflow as well, e.g. the automation of the whole output workflow, the creation of previews of PDF pages and many more. The integration of preflighting into already existing workflow chains is part of the conceptional basis of pdfInspektor2. Contact callas software for a list of AutoPilot compliant plug-ins.

Outlook: pdfInspektor2 Editions

pdfInspektor2 Gold Edition for limitless preflighting
pdfInspektor2 Platinum Edition limitless preflighting and correction features
pdfInspektor2 Auto Edition automated preflighing and corrections (requires AutoPilot from callas software)

Questions and comments?

Please email any feedback directly to callas software at


  • Windows or Macintosh operating system
  • Full commercial version of Adobe Acrobat 4.05 or later

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