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by PDF Everywhere

Platform(s): N/A
License: Commercial

Application type: Server-side


PDFever (short name for PDFeverywhere) is a Perl toolkit powering up new and existing CGI scripts with the ability to generate PDF content on the fly, from pure or mixed use of Perl and XML. With its object-oriented approach, seamless incorporation of XML, and creative use of templates, automated authoring of PDF has been made easy. Here are some highlights of the features of this toolkit:

  • Three working mode: CGI->PDF, CGI->XML, and CGI+XML->PDF.
  • Easy to embed TrueType or Type 1 fonts.
  • Able to import images in GIF, JPG, TIF, BMP, PCX, TGA, and PNG formats.
  • Security settings according to PDF Standard Encryption.
  • Supports forms with buttons, radio buttons, checkboxes, text input, drop-down list, etc.
  • Provides vector graphics functions, such as circle, arc, oval, even text art.
  • Supports texture fill and gradient fill for geometries and text.
  • Able to perform both horizontal and vertical alignments of text blocks.
  • Supports markup annotations, note, stamp, and file attachment annotations.
  • Supports layer opacity and blending mode defined in Acrobat 5.0.

With the incorporation of XML and template, PDFever provides an efficient solution. For example, to create a greeting with a same set of data but with different ayout options, just write a template file in XML for each of these layout, and load one of them when creating a new card -- and the templates often take variables to be substituted with actual values at run-time. Letterheads, background design, predefined forms, etc., can all be loaded in similar way.

PDFever provides many advanced text/graphics features not easily found in similar libraries elsewhere, such as gradients and textures, which you never truely create one with Acrobat or from applications such as MS Word -- though it might appear to be -- and easily customizeable appearance of form fields -- how about a button with an icon on it? This version also supports layers of different blending modes and opacity values.

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