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by Binarema

Platform(s): Win
License: Free

Application type: N/A
Color & Imposition



  • Send your invoices, delivery notes, etc. by email with the same appearance with which you print them.
  • Save or email any report in HTML format.
  • Send emails to your customers or vendors without exiting Volutive, using its Email Manager.
  • Use different document templates for printing and for emailing.
  • Manage your items, customers and vendors (or suppliers).
  • File your invoices, delivery notes, quotes, receipts and purchase orders. Insert, edit, delete and find options available on all of them.
  • Document transferring: transfer delivery notes, quotes or receipts into invoices,
  • Customize the template to be used when printing: you can add images, rectangles, any font,...
  • Use the windows driver for printing or use the text mode to print through the printer port.
  • Send quickly and easily the invoices to your customers by email.
  • Specific support for POS: receipt printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner and customer display.
  • Access to customers and items files without exiting the invoicing process.
  • Sort your files by code or name and perform easy incremental searches ('first beginning by...').
  • Copy, cut and paste any record.
  • Use different payment terms and dates.
  • Preview any report on the screen before printing it totally or partially.
  • Save your reports in HTML or send them by email.
  • Ruled paper simulation eases the reading.
  • Item reports: price lists and stock reports.
  • Document reports: by dates, customers, situations, etc.
  • Install Volutive 1 on as many computers on your LAN as you want.
  • Complete sharing of data and templates, but individual customization of your desktop.
  • Specially useful for POS.
  • Configure the installment payment texts as well as the headings separating different delivery notes or quotes when transferring into invoice.
  • Select which files should be on hand and which not.
  • Aviod typing errors entering data thanks to the quick access icons.
  • Preconfigure your category, zone and terms lists.
  • Select which documents will be set paid by default when inserting and which will be left outstanding.
  • Make use of the integrated calendar and calculator when entering dates and numbers.
  • All the daily work can be performed using exclusively the keyboard, avoiding mouse usage.
  • Lots of hints (little colored windows momentarily appearing on the screen) for different and useful subjects.
  • You can copy and paste documents (invoices, delivery notes,...) so you can easily repeat a complicated or recurrent one.
  • Last command repetition by just pressing a key.
  • 32 bits technology: get the most of Windows.
  • Volutive uses the Borland Database Engine, of acknowledged reputation.
  • No record limit per file.
  • Special support for POS: barcode scanner recognition, cash drawer opening,...
  • Multi-enterprise and multi-activity.
  • See on screen the first pages of a report while the rest are being prepared.
  • Powerful and intuitive Template Editor, with which you can add pictures and any Windows font or graphic to your documents.
  • Search records by any of its fields, using wildcards as needed. You can also perform a different new search upon the results of the last.

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