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by Actino Software

Platform(s): Win
License: Commercial

Application type: Desktop
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ACmd has been developed to directly access specific pages within a PDF document. It is especially helpful for case-sensitive online-help-systems, where certain pages must be addressed and called directly from the application.

The ACmd program was developed to control the Adobe or Acrobat Reader application from the command line. With help of this program you can open a document on certain pages or print documents, even in form of batchlists. It's suitable particularly for online help systems, allowing you to jump to the needed page within the PDF document or for printing automation.

Interface command line

Syntax example: Open document with named destination

ACmd.exe -NAME "Test.pdf " " target 1"

ACmd.exe is the application and -NAME the option to this, followed by the document name and named destination. The call can be carried out from any Windows application. The "Named Destination" option is only one of different options which are available.

Define Targets

"Named Destination" are known since Adobe Acrobat 4.05. For every file you can define an arbitrary set of views (e.g. 100 were in 150%) as a named destination. This destinations can have any name and can be displayed in the Adobe Acrobat Destination window.

Some Layout programs such as FrameMaker also allow the definition of named destinations. This is carried out automatically, so that headings become named destinations without user intervention.

The invoking program activates not direct the reader, thi swill be done from the program ACmd.exe. This has the advantage, that Adobe Reader can be started, in case is not already open. The ACmde.exe communicates then via DDE with the Adobe Reader which has been activated.

The system works in the also with the Adobe Acrobat Full product. But usually the free Adobe Reader will be used for CD-ROM productions or help systems.

  • X: Close Acrobat Reader
  • CLA: Close all documents
  • SP "Drucker";PapierFach;Ausrichtung;Duplex: Define printer
  • O "Dateiname.pdf": Opening document
  • C "Dateiname.pdf: Close document
  • P "Dateiname.pdf": Printing document
  • HP " Dateiname.pdf": Printing document hiddenly
  • TP "Dateiname.pdf" "Drucker": Print document to indicated printer
  • LP "DruckListe.txt";"DruckListe1.txt"...: Printing of any batchlist
  • GO "Dateiname.pdf" 3: Open document indicated page
  • NAME "Dateiname.pdf" "P 4: Open document indicated named destination
  • REG: Licencing the program

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