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PDF Sign&Seal

by Ascertia Ltd

Platform(s): Win
License: Commercial

Application type: Desktop
Security & DRM
Stamp & Watermark


PDF Viewing:

PDF Sign&Seal allows users to view PDF in tabbed interfaces. The neat user interface is designed like Microsoft Office 2007. This allows users to work with many PDF documents at a single time. It also supports zoom, navigate bookmarks, links and thumbnails. It provides easy access to comments and signature details. User can also set themes from Office 2007 blue, black and silver.

PDF/A Signature Support:

PDF Sign&Seal can sign PDF/A 1a and 1b compliant documents.

PDF creation:

PDF Sign&Seal includes a print driver utility called PDF Sign&Seal Make that enables users to create PDF files from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TIF images, AutoCAD, Visio and many other file types using the File>print command or via Windows Explorer right click operations.
Multiple files can be selected and processed automatically so that you don't need to separately open and convert each file.

Create & sign PDF(s) in single step:

Using the PDF Sign&Seal right-click functionality (or the PDF Sign&Seal Make printer driver) you can convert various file types to PDF documents and then digitally sign the resulting PDFs in a single operation.

Create, sign, seal and email in one go:

Within PDF Sign&Seal Make you can configure the workflow of what happens after you create a PDF. You choose to have it signed (including embedding of timestamp), and/or sealed and attached to email for delivery to your recipients as a single seamless operation.

Flexible signature appearance designer:

You have complete control over precise signature appearance to be stamped on your PDFs - an important requirement for tailored signature appearance in many fields. No other software provides same level of flexibility in defining signature appearance items, their size, shape and positions, text font, size and colour, whether to include borders and many more options.
The inbuilt design utility makes it easy to drag/drop and resize signature appearance items.

Save preferred signing locations:

You can save one or more signature profiles (called preferred signing locations). This makes it easy to sign standard business documents that always need to be signed in the same place and using the same style. The exact location and appearance can be defined and remembered using names that you defined such as “invoice signature”, “drawing approval signature”, “Project expense approval”. You can also automatically create blank signature fields on multiple pages. Certified signatures are fully supported as are visible and invisible signatures.

Sign one or multiple pages with one click:

You can either sign the first page, last page, all pages or user selected pages in one operation in your preferred signing location. You can also change the page selection whilst signing. This saves time and effort and creates a much more intuitive user interface.

Long-term advanced digital signatures:

Create long term signatures with embedded cryptographic timestamps (provided by a RFC3161 Time Stamp Authority) and also embed the signer's certificate status at the time of signing (provided by a RFC2560 OCSP responder). Such long term signatures can be verified in the future even after signer's certificate has expired or is revoked.

Advanced PDF encryption and Digital Rights Management (DRM):

PDF encryption enables the author to control who can open the document and define the access rights of that user, e.g. whether or not printing and cut/paste, etc is allowed. PDF Sign&Seal supports both password-based encryption as well as strong certificate based encryption of PDFs. It is easy to define recipient groups and thus seal PDF documents for entire groups. Each member of the group can have their individual access rights set.

Fill in PDF forms and save them locally:

PDF Sign&Seal supports the filling of form fields and allows these to be saved locally without reliance on any other software. In comparison other PDF readers/viewers may not allow you to fill in PDF forms and save them locally. This is a problem when working off-line or when filling in a form over a period of time or if you wish to retain a copy of the completed form locally for your own records.

Operational History:

PDF Sign&Seal maintains a history file which records all signing and sealing operations performed by the user. It records the date/time of signing (or sealing), who performed the action, output file location and success/failure of the operation.

Full validation of digital signatures:

PDF Sign&Seal supports advanced verification of digital signatures including ability to do historical signature verification and checking of signer's certificate status using CRLs and/or OCSP.

Table PC ink support:

PDF Sign&Seal fully supports Tablet PC ink, including the ability to add “wet” ink signatures and notes on to an opened PDF.

Commenting, Attachments & Watermarks:

PDF Sign&Seal supports sticky note commenting, attachment of files of any type and also ability to add watermarks on selective pages.


PDF Sign&Seal is fully standards based and thus PKI neutral. It can use certificates from any Certificate Authority, retrieve CRLs and OCSP from any standards compliant certificate status provider, and work with RFC 3161 Time Stamp Authority. The PDFs produced by PDF Sign&Seal are compliant with the PDF specifications and can thus be opened and verified by other PDF compliant software.


PDF Sign&Seal allows server-side verification (and notarisation) of PDFs so that there signatures can be centrally checked and archived in the ADSS Server centralised database (or document management system). Status information on all signatures found is returned. Server-side functionality is provided by the Ascertia Advanced Digital Signature Services (ADSS Server) product.

Smart card & USB token support

PDF Sign&Seal can use software keys, smart cards and USB tokens for signing and encryption purposes. PDF Sign&Seal uses the Windows keystore for accessing keys, so smartcards and USB tokens that work with Windows will work with PDF Sign&Seal.


PDF Sign&Seal has been designed to be compliant with a range of digital signature legislation and regulatory frameworks, including EU law (EU Directive for Electronic Signatures), EU Directive for E-Invoicing, IdenTrust, US Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign), The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), 21 CFR Part 11(a regulation governing the use of electronic signatures within the pharmaceutical industry), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and others.

Low Total Cost of Ownership:

PDF Sign&Seal is standalone application and does not require any third party software (e.g. AdobeŸ AcrobatŸ or even Adobe ReaderŸ). The PDF documents do not need to have any special privileges to enable signing capability. This dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership of this advanced digital signature solution.

Multi-Language Support:

PDF Sign&Seal is available in a number of languages e.g. Dutch, English, French, Hungarian, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish. New languages can be easily be added via our local partner network.


Ascertia’s resellers can obtain a branded version of PDF Sign&Seal.

Advanced Integration Options:

PDF Sign&Seal can be integrated with business applications using a server API, a desktop API or a command line approach. The command line approach can be used by any Windows application whereas the APIs offer .Net assembly Integration only. The full functionality of PDF Sign&Seal can be exploited through these integration options. For more information email

System Requirements:

PDF Sign&Seal runs on the MicrosoftŸ (32-bit) operating systems Core PDF Sign&Seal functionality can also be made available on the following operating systems upon request:

1. Linux
2. Solaris and
3. Other UNIX based operating systems.
PDF Sign&Seal requires .Net runtime 2.x onwards. PDF Sign&Seal Setup will download and install it if not present.
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard disk: 100 MB
Processor: P-IV

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