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Flying with Shapes

by Kilbaha Multimedia Publishing

Platform(s): N/A
License: Commercial

Application type: Desktop
Forms & FDF


CD-ROM "Flying with Shapes"
Years K to 9

All of the mathematics of 2D and 3D shapes for primary schools. Recognize and name some simple shapes and objects and use everyday language to describe shape and function. Draw reasonable representations of simple shapes. Copy reasonable representations of simple spatial patterns. Select a simple shape from a common description of its features.Recognize and name familiar two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes such as triangle, square, rectangle, circle, cone, cube, cylinder, pyramid and sphere. Sort two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes by given criteria.Recognize congruency when handling shapes. Draw rectangles, squares, triangles, rhombuses, octagons and hexagons freehand and with a ruler. Explain the effect of simple flips, slides and turns on shapes. Draw a mirror image of a given shape. Recognize straight lines, curved lines, horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonals and right angles. Recognize and describe two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes such as triangle, square, rectangle, circle, pentagon,hexagon, octagon, trapezium, cone, cube, prism, cylinder, pyramid and sphere. Identify plane shapes occurring as faces of 3D objects. Use terms such as face, base, edge, vertex. Describe similarities and differences between shapes and objects. Identify shapes or objects from geometric clues. Describe what is not seen in a 3D picture. Predict and sketch the shape of a simple cross section. Nets of prisms and pyramids. Tessellation. Lines of symmetry in 2D shapes.

  • Unlimited School Site Licence or Single user licences
  • This CD-ROM is 100% Australian in design and production.
  • Detailed lesson plans for teachers
  • Substantial extension work for more able students
  • More than 700 instructional audio and video files including 3D animations
  • The QuickTime instructional movies can be used for classroom teaching or by students individually.
  • Thousands of interactive exercises for students.
  • Immediate feedback for correct answers.
  • Immediate and appropriate feedback for wrong answers.
  • Covers all concepts about shapes for primary schools.
  • Every student in your class can achieve success in learning about shapes and gain confidence in using shapes.
  • Follow the progress of students easily as they use the software
  • Detailed assessment units for each section
  • Very simple to set up in the classroom.
  • Students love using this program.
  • Recommended for students in years K to 6 (Primary School) and for lower secondary school
  • Feedback from teachers and students is used to upgrade this software.
  • Version 1.0 of Flying with Shapes was released in March 2005.
  • All schools which purchase a site licence for Flying with Shapes receive all future upgrades free.

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