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Server Based Converter V1.2

by Antenna House, Inc.

Platform(s): Win Linux
License: Commercial

Application type: Server-side
Creation & Conversion


Server Based Converter V1.2 is a library to convert MS Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) documents into PDF, SVG, or JPEG/PNG files and PDF files into SVG or JPEG/PNG files on the server side. (The conversion to JPEG/PNG is only available for the Windows version.) Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and Distiller are not required. By using the Server Based Converter in the groupware or the Web-mail system where the environment can display PDF or SVG, MS Office document can be displayed even in those environments where MS Office is not installed nor operated.

  • Server Based Converter independently formats MS Office documents and produces the requested output.
  • Because all reading of files and conversion is done within the Server Based Converter licenses for Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and Distiller are unnecessary. You can operate it without worrying about those licensing agreements. An unlimited number of users can now convert MS Office documents to PDF on a web server.
  • It is faster than other products with similar functionality which uses MS Office, Acrobat and the printer driver to make PDF or SVG.
  • Solaris and Linux version are also available in addition to Windows version.
  • It can be used as part of an ASP service.
  • The SVG conversion not only supports SVG 1.1 but also supports the conversion into SVG Basic/SVG Tiny thus enabling the sending of MS Office documents and PDF files to devices such as mobile terminals and cellular phones.
  • With Windows version, MS Office documents and PDF documents can be converted into JPEG/PNG images. The conversion of only the first page of document allows users to make a thumbnail easily.
  • The various interfaces, Command line, .NET, COM and Java (.NET and COM interfaces are available only for Windows version), support streaming input/output which makes for the easy system integration of the product with web applications, content management systems, and other software products.

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