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by WISeKey SA

Platform(s): Win
License: Commercial

Application type: Server-side
Security & DRM
Stamp & Watermark


WISeSign signs PDF document using a trusted Certificate, authenticating the identity of a person or machine. The original document may remain and its signed copy will then be created and available for viewing and verification of signature.

The user or machine Certificates should be issued by a trusted Certification Authority (CA) for this to be relevant and for additional confidence in the signed document.

Platform: The Signing Tool runs on with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 Operating Systems. Fully compatible with Adobe Acrobat® 5.0 and up.

Easy to use: it can be used from a graphical windows interface and its installation and use does not require significant IT expertise.

Highly customizable: designed to be highly customized by the user; you can chose among many different configuration options like: Input/Output directories, Log file name and path; Delete or not Source files, Signing Reason, Signing Location, Signing Contact, Password, Certificate path, and more.

High volume signature processing: bulk process all documents that need to be signed, just by placing them in a predefined directory, all your documents will be signed in a fast an efficient way.

Multiple Digital Certificates: depending on the legal requirements per country, different types of Digital Certificates may be required, WISeSign “PDF” allows you to use any X.509 Digital Certificates in a per country bases.

Multilingual: WISeSign includes multiple language support, just by clicking on the “Language” menu, the selection of the French, English, Spanish or Portuguese version of WISeSign will be available.

WISeSign Application Examples

  • E-Government - intra-government communication, tax forms, applications for obtaining various citizenship documentation, backup and digital storage of archives.
  • E-Finance - payment orders, invoices, accounting documents, budgets approvals. Creates legally valid elctronically signed invoices for EU and other countries.
  • E-Business contracts, purchase orders, offers.
  • E-Health - medical prescriptions, clinic history, medical studies results, lab analysis.

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