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by TechnicalMedia, Inc.

Platform(s): Windows XP Windows Vista
License: Commercial

Application type: Plug-in
Security & DRM


When preparing PDFs, two key issues to consider are: findability and security. The acroWizard can help with both of these requirements because the acroWizard simplifies /automates application of document metadata and security.

Findability defines the ease with which a desired document may be found. Searching using document metadata, versus all the content of a document, will allow you to quickly narrow the field of potentially relevant documents from which you may then choose the correct document.

To be effective, document metadata must have consistent categories, a controlled vocabulary for each category, and the metadata must be properly applied to the document. The acroWizard helps with all of these requirements because, for each document type, the acroWizard presents a custom dialog box , with controlled-vocabularies, and error checking.

Finally, once the metadata are applied, the acroWizard automatically saves the modified PDF to any local folder or any webDAV-enabled server (authentication is included). This not only makes it easier for the user, it also ensures that the PDFs are where you want them.

Security of a document provides both the ability to define who can view/print the document (privacy), and the integrity of the document content (security). Acrobat PDF offers options for both privacy and security; however, applying these options manually is very user intensive and error prone. The acroWizard can help!

To simplify this critical, but potentially confusing task of applying security, acroWizard automatically applies a pre-defined security policy (including digital signature, if applicable) to the document. This simplifies the user's task and allows management, not individual users, to determine security and privacy requirements.

The acroWizard provides four key management tools:

  • Custom dialog boxes to apply metadata;
  • Management-controlled security policies;
  • Metadata vocabulary; and
  • Automated saving of documents to any local file or webDAV-enabled server. Couple this with simple user interface and you have a great tool to manage and control your PDFs.

Contact Wayne Glover at: to learn more.

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