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Saffron Document Server

A core capability of Saffron is to generate Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) output, similar to Adobe Acrobat Distiller.

Scan Headquarters

Scan HeadQuarters makes high speed, high volume scanning a snap! Scan H.Q. can be setup in a snap.

Scan to PDF

Tool Short Description: Scan & save as PDF: Place a document in the scanner's sheet feeder, scan, enter the name of the desired PDF file - job done.


Scan paper documents and email as PDF attachments.


Creates PDF files from paper documents.

Scan2PDF X

Browser-based scan (TWAIN) to PDF. Resulting PDF file can be saved, emailed or FTPed to a location of your choice.


Low cost software package designed to generate PDF files of paper based documents that have been scanned

Screen Calipers

Screen Calipers give you pixel perfect measurement of anything on your screen, and our Acrobat toolbar plugin lets you measure PDFs easily.


Scribus is a Page Layout program for GNU/Linux similar to Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign except that it's published under the GNU GPL.

ScriptWorks 5

ScriptWorks 5 can process files produced by applications compliant with the PostScript LanguageLevel 3 specification, and more.

Search Results Printer

Print out pages matching an Acrobat search query with just one click.


SearchBlox is completely browser-based and driven by powerful Java infrastructure. It supports both HTTP and Filesystem based crawling of documents.


PDFBlackbox offers support for password-based and PKI-based security (encryption, signing, decryption, signature verification) for PDF documents.


Mapsoft SecuritySetter allows you to set Acrobat's security features.


SecurSign adds digital signatures and standard Acrobat security to PDF files

SentryFile Web Based Document Management

SentryFile is a web based document management system that allows you to integrate your paper and electronic documents into an online document archive.

Server Based Converter V1.2

Server Based Converter V1.2 is the high-speed converter to make standard forms such as PDF or SVG from MS Office document and PDF on the server.

ServPDF - A PDF Server for Microsoft Office

ServPDF is a free web PDF Converter Server for Microsoft Office which can be easily installed via a Windows Installer and doesn`t need Acrobat.


SetaPDF-Encryptor is an API written in pure PHP for encrypting PDF-Files on server-side with 40 or 128bits.


SetaPDF-Stamper is an API written in pure PHP for stamping PDF-Files on server-side.

Siberix PDF Library

Siberix PDF Library is a native class library for the .NET framework designed to create industry standard PDF files.


Sicuriq is OneVision?s solution for automated file conversion between object-based and raster-based file formats.

Sicuriq Pro

Sicuriq Pro is OneVision?s solution for automated file conversion between object-based and raster-based file formats supporting CT/LW and TIFF/IT.

SilentPrint PDF Plus

Automate and batch print PDF files.

Sitraka JClass PageLayout

Use Sitraka JClass PageLayout to easily add printing and reporting functionality to your Java applications.

Sitraka JClass ServerReport

JClass ServerReport is a 100% Java class library that uses J2EE servlet and JSP technology to dynamically generate printable documents in PDF format.

Smart JPrint

100% Java classes for (i) Printing, (ii) PDF generation, and (iii) Previewing of J2EE server as well as Java Swing GUI program output.

Solid Converter DWG

Solid Converter? DWG converts DWG and DXF files to vector PDFs that can be easily shared - and you don?t need AutoCAD to use it!

Solid Converter PDF

Solid Converter? PDF is one of several excellent PDF conversion and creation products from Solid Documents.

Solid PDF Creator

Solid PDF Creator is one of several excellent PDF conversion and creation products from Solid Documents.

Solid PDF Creator Plus

Solid PDF Creator Plus is one of several excellent PDF conversion and creation products from Solid Documents.

Solid PDF Tools

Solid PDF Tools is one of several excellent PDF conversion and creation products from Solid Documents.


Solvero is OneVision's premier editing solution for PDF, EPS and PostScript documents providing full control of type, vector, and raster elements.

Sonar Bookends

Automatic Index generator for Acrobat PDF files.

Sonar Bookends Activate

Automatic Hypertext Link Generator for Adobe Acrobat.

Sonar Bookends Professional

Top-of-the-Line Automatic Index generator for Acrobat PDF files.

Sowedoo Easy PDF Cleaner

Clean your PDF files to preserve only the most interesting pages of your documents.

Sowedoo Easy PDF Converter

Utilizing Acrobat, convert your Office documents into PDF files thanks to a single click.

Sowedoo Easy PDF Merger

Merge a batch of PDF documents to obtain a single PDF.

Sowedoo PDF Informations Manager

A professional tool to manage the PDF informations : title, author, keywords, comments.

SP Bookmark Controller

Bookmarks can serve as an excellent navigational device in PDFs.

Speedflow Basic

OneVision Speedflow Basic controls your PDF workflow with tools for automated preflight and error correction and pdf editing.

Speedflow Cockpit

Speedflow Cockpit is a JDF-enabled PDF workflow control & collaboration tool for print and media production that manages all prepress communication.

Speedflow Suite

Speedflow Suite controls your PDF workflow with tools for automated preflight and error correction, pdf editing, and imposition.

Split Pdf Server

Split Pdf Server will help you to split various PDF documents quickly and easily, does NOT require an Acrobat installation.


Spy-CD is a Full Text Search Java applet for HTML and PDF CD-ROMs.


A search engine for web sites; it searches HTML, PDF and DOC files.

Stampa Reports System

Stampa Reports System is a professional solution for quick and easy generation of .NET, XSL-FO and PDF reports.


StampIt is a simple utility created for stamping a PDF document with page numbers (and any other fields or watermarks).

StampPDF Batch

StampPDF Batch is a server based command line driven application that allows you to apply text and/or stamps to PDF documents.

StampPDF Desktop Edition

StampPDF DE is a stand alone desktop application that allows you to stamp PDF files with custom text and/or images. Does not require Adobe Acrobat.

StampPDF Plugin

A plug-in for Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional that allows you to add text and/or images to PDF files.

STDU Converter

STDU Converter is easy to use application for convert DjVu and TIFF files to PDF.


STDU Viewer is a document viewer for multiple file formats. STDU Viewer supports following document formats: DjVu, TIFF, PDF.

Storypad Personal Edition

Textual reprocessing engine.


Swiftwriter adds one-click ?Save to Document Management System? functionality to PDF viewers.


SWiNG is a workflow automation and management application that allows you to streamline your pre-press and publishing production processes.

Synactis PhotoStudio

All-in-one photo management software. Can make printable albums and retouch pix. Built-in PDF output.


Secure e-mail and file attachments with encryption and digital rights management. Taceo can apply DRM to 30+ file types including PDF.


TallPDF.NET is a 100% managed .NET component that generates PDF either programmatically or from XML.


Create 'DataGrid to PDF' applications easily from any ASP.NET website utilizing the Tasmania.dll and the .NET framework.


TaxView is a freeware program that Reads, Views and Prints IRS Tax Forms in Hewlett Packard Printer Control Language (PCL?) file format


TemptIn is designed to help you in the "electronic office" and to help you manage requirements.


Print fragments or the original complete, with any paper size and any enlargement or reduction percentage.


Texis provides very sophisticated text-search technology for databases, PDFs, web documents and many other types of data.


"TEXT 2 PDF" is a tool to create PDF-documents for free. Functions: Fonts, Paragraphs, Tabulators, Images, Bookmarks and Document Settings.


Convert ASCII texts into PDF.

Text To PDF COM/SDK Unlimited License

Convert ASCII texts into PDF.

Text to PDF Converter

Create searchable PDF files from text documents. Contains Automator Action for Mac OS X 10.4.


FyTek's Text2PDF does more than just convert text to PDF.

Text2PDF JC (Java Class)

Java Class to convert ASCII text documents to Adobe PDF.

TextBridge Pro 9.0

For scanning your paper to digital form.


TextFromPDF is a text extraction tool that allows for the batch processing of Adobe PDF documents.


ThumbNails embeds thumbnails within a document.

TIFF Junction

Rapidly convert large numbers of TIFF files to PDF.

TIFF Pilot

Tiff Pilot for IIS converts TIFF images to PDF format "On The Fly", enabling web sites to deliver PDF files directly from TIFF format files.


TIFF2PDF conversion toolkit can convert TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) files to PDF (Portable Document Format) files.

Title Plug-in

This Acrobat Plug-in allows the document title to be displayed on the title bar of Acrobat.


The TOCBuilder tool allows you to create a Table of Contents for a document.

TopLeaf XML Composition Software

XML Composition software with PDF output (Acrobat not required).


TouchPDF is an online service which allows user to edit/split/concatenate PDF files without having Acrobat Professional/Reader installed...

Transverter PI

Transverter PI is a suite of plug-ins for Macintosh graphics applications.

Transverter Pro

The ultimate PostScript & PDF utility. RIP, place, view, softproof and preflight PostScript files.

Transverter Pro Plus

All of the same powerful features offered with Transverter Pro...Plus, some added extras.

Transverter RIP

A powerful PostScript RIP lets you rasterize EPS, PostScript and PDF files from any source.


Convert PDF files to HTML, RTF, ASCII and plain text on Mac OS X.


TWAINCommander with the optional PDF extension is a command line TWAIN scan tools which allows to scan direct into PDF files.

Tweak PDF

Tweak the initial view of PDF document and compress PDF file.


TWiST is a workflow automation and management application

txt2pdf - Enterprise Edition

txt2pdf is a very flexible PERL5 program. It's a converter from text files to PDF format files.

txt2pdf - Personal Edition

txt2pdf is a very flexible and powerful PERL5 program. It's a converter from text files to PDF format files.

txt2pdf PRO

txt2pdf PRO is an important extension of txt2pdf - a converter of text files to PDF.

TypeReader 6.0

The award-winning TypeReader converts scanned documents into electronic files within seconds with maximum reliability.

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